What to bring to the bush

October 4, 2017

Here is a list of what to bring to the bush. In this case, the bush of the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This list was made after spending four or so, weeks in a tent with my peers from Think Global School. I most definitely am a hypocrite if asked if I abided by this list, however I tried. I wrote each point with an incident in mind, or a trait I lacked during the experience. So enjoy reading the list I made for others in my position, but also the list I wish I had for myself.

- Bring along tolerance. If not, a bar of chocolate could become an object that starts a war, and someone taking your shower slot could end a friendship

- Don't pack expectations. May they be expectations regarding food, the camp, of animals, just don't expect much. Animal sightings usually boil down to luck, so don't expect to see a pride of lions crossing the tarmac.

-  Do pack emotions (but keep them in a plastic bag). Feelings of sadness and excitement are crucial, as you should be able to feel whatever you want and need to feel. However, if they leak all over your clothes, you could end up wearing your heart on your sleeve (literally).

- Don't forget to pack grit. You could fold grit next to tolerance, as the both go hand-in-hand. Bringing along grit to the bush will ensure that you don't have a meltdown over lack of water pressure. Or, lack of water at all!

- Oh! Please DO NOT pack your sense of entitlement! You do not deserve a shower more than the person next to you; you are both equally covered in a layer of dust. Believing you deserve to seeing a leopard perched on a branch, whilst tearing apart an impala, isn't going to get you anywhere.

- Along with entitlement, leave your pessimistic ways in your closet. Don't even think about squishing it into a vacuum-sealed bag. It takes up space! And don't give me the quintessential "I'm not a pessimist, but a realist spiel". You're negativity isn't needed in the bush.

- Last but not least, try not to bring along your sense of style. Birkenstocks and socks will be a thing, and in the bush it's comfort over looks. (Don't worry, the kudu aren't judging you).

- P.S. Don't forget chapstick and a toothbrush!