if only I could be back home


Here are some poems I have written from the perspective of a refugee. I have had the fortunate experience of interacting with unaccompanied minor refugees in Athens, Greece.

- Home -

Turning your back on us when we are in need,

What else can I offer you, for I have sailed the seas as I fleed

The land and merciful soil I used to call my own,

What else can I offer besides my sanity, purpose and childhood,

Just to be back home.


- I'll come home someday, not sure when, but someday :) - 

Some write poetry about a loved one,

I write poetry about a loved place,

It's difficult for me to explain,

As you don't have a body, nor do you possess a face,

If only I could hug you tight,

And translate into words just how full my heart is for you,

I could only then let you know how lonesome I feel at night,

I best believe you miss me too

I long for the aroma of the Sunday spice market,

Almost as much as I long to be sleeping in my own bed,

My great sadness comes from the guilt I feel,

Wishing I was never forced to have fled,

I am told that I will never




Or breath the air you provided me, in my lifetime ever again,

But I can promise you that I have not left you to decay or burn,

For Syria I give you my word,

That one day I will return.